Waranty & Disclaimers


Please refer to Engine Owners Manual supplied by manufacturer for additional information and troubleshooting.

  1.  Please read manufacturers handbook and instructions supplied by Tonaro Gokartsonline before assembling your go-kart.
  2. After assembling, please retighten all nuts and bolts and double check all parts are secure and operating correctly.
  3. Before starting the engine, ensure correct type and quantity of engine oil recommended by the manufacturer has been used.
  4. Oil the chain with chain lube before use and on a regular basis.
  5. Use 95 Octane petrol at high altitude and 97 Octane at sea level.
  6. Once the engine has been started, allow to warm up for 3-4 minutes before test driving.
  7. Do not allow the engine to operate at low revs as this may overheat and damage the clutch. This warranty does not cover damage to the clutch through overheating. Over heating may be caused by incorrect driving habits such as driving too slowly(revs too low), stop and go driving, driving with the brake engaged and restricting the throttle. Driving in confined or limited areas will damage the clutch.
  8. Test ride and notify us immediately if there is a fault found with the go-kart.
  9. Do not attempt to do any repairs without contacting us first as this will void warranty.
  10. We will replace parts that are damaged or defective.
  11. Product warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or abuse.
  12. The warranty is voided if the go-kart is modified in any way, overloaded, leased or rented. Also if improperly maintained, serviced or repaired. Any damage due to accidents, or through negligence, used to perform stunts, jumps or any other misuse.
  13. Tonaro Gokartsonline warrants this go kart to be free of manufacturers defect for a period of 30 days from the original date of purchase.
  14. If the product requires repair/inspection by an approved/authorised dealer or mechanic, it is the customer’s responsibility to deliver the product to the place of repair/inspection, and to arrange for collection. If the repair/fault is not covered by warranty, the customer shall pay for all costs related to the repair and inspection.
  15. This warranty does not cover wearing parts including but not limited to the centrifugal clutch, tyres and brakes.
  16. This warranty does not cover physical damage or failure due to overloading, misuse, neglect or reckless operating behavior.
  17. This warranty is available to the original purchaser only.

Conditions of use & Safety Disclaimer

  • All our Go-Kart karts are off-road leisure vehicles and as no safety standards are available, driving is solely at the user’s own risk.
  • Neither the manufacturer, Tonaro Gokartsonline, sales agents or distributors are liable for personal or other damage neither to participating or non participating persons. At delivery the owner takes full responsibility for the go-kart and use of the go-kart.
  • The owner at time of purchase assumes all risks associated with the use of the go-kart and agrees to these terms of use.
  • Ensure that the person driving is of an appropriate age, size and has the necessary skills and experience to drive the go-kart safely and responsibly.
  • Ensure that the go-kart is used in the appropriate environment and conditions present allow safe operating of the go-kart to the driver and all non-drivers or bystanders.
  • These go-karts are not designed for jumping, racing, or performing any abrupt spin-out maneuvers under any circumstances.
  • These go-karts are not designed for steep or uneven terrain or for use on public roads.
  • Please use on safe terrain, which you are familiar with.
  • Failure to adhere to these warnings may result in accidents and serious injury.
  • Drivers under 16 must do so only with the permission of their parents/guardian. Younger children must be accompanied by an adult and ride under supervision at all times.