Tonaro Go Kart Specs...

Our Tonaro Go-Karts are safe and reliable and promises awesome fun suitable for the whole family.

With a 4 stroke petrol engine, our karts are simplistic in design.  The centrifugal clutch and just one gear are very easy to use with the mono suspension knobbly pneumatic tyres and a rear hydraulic brake. All karts come with a 3 point harness safety belt. They can be easily governed for younger children by a simple screw adjustment. Ideal for all the family.

Standard Go Kart

Standard Go Kart with Roll Cage

Standard Go Kart with Wet Clutch and 7inch Rear Wheels



  • The Tonaro Go-Kart has a reliable, durable and easy to maintain high-quality 196cc generic Honda motor at the heart of its performance.
  • All Tonaro Go-Karts have the same mild steel chassis.
  • Automatic drive is either by centrifugal clutch or wet clutch
  • Braking is done via a hydraulic disk brake
  • Unique hand-operated accelerate and brake function
  • Both off-road knobbly and slick tyres are available
  • An easily accessible safety cut out switch is located on the steering wheel
  • Designed with a low center of gravity, flipping over is highly unlikely in normal, responsible riding conditions
  • Speed can be governed for younger riders by a simple screw adjustment.


  • Length 1650mm
  • Width 960mm
  • Height: 800mm
  • Maximum speed: 55km/h


  • Tonaro Go-Karts  come semi pre-assembled in a box, and are easy to put together. A complete assembly instruction manual is provided in your shipment.
  • Not too keen on the DIY idea? Let us assemble your Go-Kart for you and get riding!

Distribution & Delivery

Tonaro Go-Karts are available for collection from our distribution centre in Weltevreden Park, Johannesburg. Alternatively, we can freight your Go-Kart nationwide and directly to you.

Spares and Accessories

We stock an extensive range of spare parts at very affordable prices and if you wish to build your own go-kart, please see all of our go-kart parts available to buy online

 Safety RecommendationsYellow-Rollcage

  • Spend time and explain carefully how to operate to young children and inexperienced riders.
  • Always supervise children.
  • Ensure seatbelts and safety helmets are worn at all times
  • Explain clearly use of the throttle and brake handle, and the kill switch.
  • Ensure tyre pressure is kept at 15-20psi
  • Once the engine has been started, go over all controls and ensure they are operating effectively. Make adjustments accordingly

 Important – Conditions of Use

  • All our karts are off road leisure go karts and as no safety standards are available, driving is at your own risk.
  • Neither the manufacturer nor Tonaro Gokartsonline are liable for personal or other damage neither to participating or non – participating persons. At delivery the owner takes full responsibility for the kart and use of the kart.
  • Ensure that the person driving is of an age, size and has the necessary skills and experience to drive the kart safely.
  • Drivers under 16 must do so only with the permission of their parents/guardian. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.



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