Go Kart Trouble Shooting

Tonaro Go-Kart Troubleshooting Guide




Engine Stalls Spark Plug fouled/carbon deposition. Clean spark plug.  Install a new spark plug. Recommend: BPR5ES.
Engine backfires or running poorly Fuel too low. Fill fuel tank: min 1/3. Do not overfill. Check fuel switch is on.
Hard to Start Make sure kill switch is not engaged. If motor is warm you will not need choke.
Check choke to see if it is open. Check spark plug is not wet from the petrol flooding the plug.
Too much choke will flood engine. You may need to dry the plug out or replace.
Cuts Off Fuel line/ hose. Make sure fuel line has no kink restricting fuel flow.
Chain Falls Off Chain Sprockets not aligned. Align Sprockets. Check sprocket on clutch and bolt holding clutch onto shaft.
Chain too loose. Adjust chain tension. Motor may need sliding back on adjustable mount.
Excessive chain wear or stretch. Replace chain.
Difficulty Braking Brake pads worn out. Replace brake pads.
Making Grinding noise Hydraulic brake fluid low. Bleed brakes
Kill switch not working Kill switch wire plug in connector separated at the engine. Check connection. Push together.
Wire end terminal has come loose from the engine. Re install or tighten screw holding wire end to engine case.
Engine Stops and won’t start Bad coil assembly. Replace coil cap.
Air cleaner is dirty and dusty. Clean, shake all dust out. Replace. Never run engine without air cleaner.
Go Kart moving or creeping forward, or wanting to take off Check for kinks, Ensure the inner wire cable is moving freely within the black casing.
Throttle cable engaged. Check the throttle lever is springing back to off position.
Spring inside clutch may have stretched. This can occur if go kart is used at low revs for extended periods of time. Replace spring inside centrifugal clutch.