Go Kart Maintenance & Repairs...

Tonaro Go-Kart safety and Maintenance

  1. It is important to read the user manual and instructions first before going for your first outride!
  2. We recommend that you use 20w-50 Engine Oil and unleaded petrol
  3. After use, clean/wash your Go-Kart and regularly use WD40 or CRC on moving or corrodible parts.
  4. Clean the air filter regularly to remove dust.
  5. Keep the chain properly lubed – spray with Chain Oil regularly
  6. To drain the oil, locate the sump bolt at the back and underneath the motor.
  7. Always perform a pre-operation inspection before you start the engine.
  8. Please refer to and follow the manufacturers instructions
  9. Do not allow the engine to operate at low revs as this may overheat and damage the clutch. Please note: The centrifugal clutch is considered a wear-part and is not covered by warranty.
  10. Ensure wet clutch in Roll-Caged models contain sufficient oil. Refer to the manual.

Instructions for Replacing Centrifugal Clutch Spring

You will need these tools – a pair of Circlip pliers, vice grips, flat screwdriver and a socket set

  1. Remove chain guard.
  2. Remove chain by removing joining link.
  3. Remove the bolt that holds the clutch onto the shaft – Anti Clockwise.
  4. Slide off centrifugal clutch and lay clutch flat on workbench.
  5. Remove circlip by the 10 tooth sprocket and slide top cover off.
  6. Remove the next larger circlip and spring cover.
  7. Remove old spring and discard.
  8. Place new spring in position. This may require another pair of hands as the spring needs to be stretched in place.
  9. Vice grips will help to hold the plates flat.
  10. Hold down firmly or else the plates dislodge and carefully replace the spring cover and large circlip which needs to clip into place. Sometimes it is necessary to finish pushing circlip down with screwdriver.
  11. Replace top cover, small circlip and bolt back on to motor.