FAQ's & Trouble Shooting

Not sure about something? Here are some FAQ’s that we receive.

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What are the passenger weight limitations on our Go-Karts?

The recommended weight is not more than 110 kg.

What are dimensions of the go-karts?

Assembled dimensions are: 970mm wide x 1700mm long x 580 high. Tyres are 300mm high x 120mm wide. The dimensions of the packing (box) size are 1080mm x 980mm x 520mm

What terrain is considered “suitable riding terrain”?

Tonaro Go-Karts are ideal for farms, plots, small holdings, open fields, reserves or even for larger city properties. They are not suitable for very rough terrain or for doing jumps

Do Tonaro Go-Karts have a speed restriction adjustment?

Yes. It is easy to govern the performance by a simple adjustment of a screw.

Are Go-Karts easy to roll?

Unless the rider has a very aggressive riding style, or the terrain is not suitable for Go-Kart riding, it is not easy to roll these karts – they sit really low on the ground and are pretty stable. Wearing a helmet is however always recommended

How fast can the Tonaro Go-Karts go?

With the 196cc generic Honda engine, you can reach speeds of up to about 55kmph

What age are these karts suitable for?

As a guideline, the recommended minimum age for riders is from around 7 years and over, however, it does depend on individual ability.  For younger kids, the performance of our Go-Karts can easily be governed.

How heavy are the Tonaro Go-Karts?

The Tonaro Drift go-karts weigh in at 75kg and the Off-Road roll-caged Go-Karts are heavier at around 90kg.

Do the Tonaro Go-Karts come ready assembled?

Our Go-Karts are freighted un-assembled.  They come in 3 pre-assembled parts in a box. To assemble the kart, these three parts need to be put together, cables need to be connected to the brake, throttle and kill switch/stop button. The seat and seatbelt need to be attached. Assembly time for a normal assembly takes around an hour.


Get to know the area or track you’re about to tear up in your Tonaro Go-Kart. Prevent nasty surprises by anticipating what’s around the next corner and react accordingly. Make sure you’re allowed to ride where you intend riding. Many roads are on private property, and the last thing you need to spoil your day is a grumpy farmer reprimanding you for trespassing!